The Ceremonial Grain-Out


 "If you look up the meaning of the word 'collaboration' in whatever dictionary, you will find something along the lines of ''the action of working with someone to produce something''. Whilst that second part might be applicable to the brewing world as well - the production of beer - it seems as though the cooperating part of it may have gotten lost in translation in brewer lingo. It is as if anything cooperative between breweries entails one person doing all the heavy lifting while everybody else involved just relaxes and gets sloshed. Then brewers from both parties get called for a graining out or hop addition shot for social media, and then it's back to one dude - or dudette - to proceed with knockout and pitching and a whole lot of cleaning. So when TRVE responded to our invite saying they unfortunately wouldn't have time for a full day of brewing with us, we couldn't help but think how that perfectly embodied the spirit of this type of partnership, and were stoked to have them come to us to hang out, hydrate and shoot the shit. And if this is not how your brewery operates when working alongside someone else's, then you must have not gotten the memo. For us, collabing really is all about employee abuse, bottle sharing, social network whoring, and some sort of entity summoning for the ceremonial grain-out.
This beer was made with the fine peeps of TRVE Brewing from Denver, CO, USA..

Porijeklo: Danska

Alk.: 6,0 % vol

IBU: 11

Vrsta: Farmhouse Ale - Saison

Pakiranje: 0,33l  NB


Jedinica Komad u kutiji:24


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