Amager/Pipeworks E.Rattlesnæke


As our history dictates, there are a lot of things that bring breweries together. Anything from guitars and axes, to psychedelics, to old school surfing and necrophilia has consolidated our friendship with other people from the industry over the years. We have even previously piped up for peace with the good people from Pipeworks—but this time around, due to anti-hippie propaganda, things have steered in another direction—a bit less tree hugging, a bit darker, and a whole lot more metal. Electric Rattlesnæke is our combined small tribute to the one genre that has become elevator music around well-frequented brewhouses, and that surely is common ground between us and our Chicago buddies. Music fuels life and it is as important in our days as the coffee (and beer) we consume. So if you know what it's like to hit the wall towards the second half of your shift but still have a long way to go, thinking there is no way in hell you´re going to make it out alive... and suddenly something hits the speakers that makes you feel the tip of your - proverbial or not - penis has been hit by lightning and you have new-found motivation to finish strong, well then, this one is for you. A beer from metalheads to fellow metalheads, but with extended love to all who can appreciate the beautiful impact of music in one's life.
This is a collaboration beer made with Pipeworks from Chicago, Illinois.

Porijeklo: Danska

Alk.: 9,0 % vol

IBU: 41

Vrsta: Barleywinee

Pakiranje: 0,33l  NB


Jedinica Komad u kutiji:24


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